Saturday, June 04, 2005

Old West End Festival

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Today the temperature in Michigan/Ohio reached 86 degrees! For early June.. that's pretty hot. It was a nice day though. I went to the Old West End Festival in Toledo, Ohio with my sister and Tim (her hub). We first ate at Chet's in Toledo.. great omlette, it was huge!
We toured one mansion, and then toured a house that was in the process of being rennovated (which kind of sucked because we had to pay to get in, and it was only partially done).
We went to a ton of garage sales too. I bought this little metal figurine thingy for Jen (Roland Metal Art), a gift set of candles (which comes from this incense guy that we see down there every year), and a stocking cap from a garage sale for 80cents.. (like I need another stocking cap!!).
Good day though. I had full intensions of coming home and going to a wedding, but I was delayed, and had the lawn to mow.. so I bailed. Instead, I cleaned around the house, went to the cigar store and smoked a Juan Lopez cigar (which kind of sucked by the way.. made me ill!).., and met some cool folks hanging out there, drove around looking for a garage sale that has a camper at it (which I never did find), came home and ordered to go China Gate. When I was in waiting for my order, some young dude walked in with his girl and he shouted 'it smells like a dead cow in here!'.. then he grabbed a menu and flipped through it, didn't see anything he liked then asked me (sounding rather rude too).. 'They got Sushi here??'.. Nope, not in Monroe, I said. So they stormed out.. The girl gave me a shrug as if to say 'yeah, he's a jerk'..
Anyhow, that's it for today. I installed the AC's in two rooms that need it most too.. I hear tomorrow's going to be 90! over and out.