Thursday, June 30, 2005


The link below is the first podcast we created at work.

A podcast is the latest craze in digital audio. Users can listen or download audio files on their computers, or subscribe to a podcast, and it downloads to their computer or mp3 player whenever a new file is released. So, users can wake up in the morning and hear the latest news, sports or weather as soon as they want.
(podcasting will eventually take over the airwaves..)

Dan Eizans does a weekly music column in our Arts and Entertainment section. We decided it would be cool to make an 'npr-like' audio file, complete with a story and music.

It's pretty hard to believe, I'm doing music and sound editing at work. I work, but it's fun.. that's nuts.


Bryan Bosch - recording. Dan Eizans - writing, voice. Rob Gorczyca - sound, music editing, vocals.