Monday, July 11, 2005

Guss and Golf

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This is Guss. Guss is a St.Bernard pup. He's a relative of the mighty Zeus, which is the first St.Bernard my sister and her hub Tim owned. Zeus has since passed on, and Guss has now taken over their home. He seems to be a cool dog, I haven't spent a lot of time with him - every time i saw him camping he was laying down sleeping.. I'm sure in no time, he'll be drooling all over and knocking things down.
So today was Jen and I's first golfing lesson. I learned about group lessons given at Wolmers Golf on Strausburg Rd. in Monroe, MI. The group lessons are $40 per person, and they charge $5 per bucket of balls.
We showed up and got a bucket and practiced for a while. I was feeling pretty bad for Jen, because she didn't have a clue how to hit the ball. I think she even almost hit me with one she was hitting them so awful. I was thinking - 'welp, I guess we take back those clubs we borrowed.. '..
So, the instructor comes around finally.. He was pretty good.. man he flew through this whole course on golfing.. probably a month's worth of knowledge in 20 minutes. So, we all go back and start practicing hitting. He comes to each of us and tells us what we're doing wrong and we work on it. In no time, I kept hearing him say 'GOOD!' behind me (jen). I turn to see her hit.. she's cranking them further then I'm hitting them! And not just one shot, but every freakin ball!!
After we were done, I walked up to pay for our lessons.. and the instructor kind of knodded toward Jen and said 'hey.. you better watch out, she's good!'.. I told him I am going to talk her into playing scramble golf (where if two are playing, whoever hits the furthest - the other drops their ball there and hits from there) - that way we can just keep on using her hits.. all the guys around got a chuckle.. but, I was sort of serious! I'm getting there.. I can hit, I just have been holding the club way too tight, and need to bend my wrists back on my first swing back.. i'm not quite sure why yet, but I'll learn. My lesson this week: Go in the back yard and swing over and over.. and lighten my grip!! He even said I'm going to be a 'struggler' if I don't loosen my grip. Man. No one wants to be a struggler! So.. I'm going to loosen my grip.. :) I'm going to try and talk Jen into going to the range again this week sometime and hitting some.. we'll see how it goes. I think I'm just going to learn from Jen.. I created a golfing monster.. I'm thinking though, if I keep encouraging her, she can quit her job and go pro.. and then we can live like kings off her golfing salary!! wishful thinking.. :)
The one thing I did pick up today: There are only two things stiff in golf. The drink you have after, and the pencil you write your score with.

Time to finish that stiff drink!