Sunday, July 10, 2005

Weekends RULE!

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So, I forgot to take an after picture of the ribs. oops. They turned out great. My dad and Geri came up, and we ate and had a couple bottles of wine, cigars.. beers, food.. it was great fun. Later on, Dan, Molly and Aaron came over and chowed down on some of the food, and Aaron kindly helped me polish off a case of beer. We started a little fire in the porch pit, and chilled til about 1am.
Saturday, I did the routine i discussed a blog or so back.. Ann Arbor, Hippy hashbrowns.. etc. I smoked a cigar - a Padron. Kicked my butt. Some cigars do that, we were just talking the night before.. and sure enough, this one made me woozy and almost sick feeling. Anyhow, we headed home (bipassed the Elvis fest - had i been feeling better....), that evening we did absolutly nothing. I took a 3 hour dap, woke up.. and stayed up late flipping channels.
Today is like 91 out. Hurricane Dennis is pounding the coast of Florida. The picture you see is for Aaron's birthday next Saturday. I'm a little late at getting the flyers out, but I'm sure we'll get a crowd.. especially since i put 'Keg' on the flyer.. people flock to kegs.
Welp.. that's all for now. Time to enjoy what weekend i have left....