Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'm a geek aren't I?

So my morning routine now consists of plugging my ipod into my laptop, and updating all of my subscribed podcasts. I have my itunes set to download to my ipod the latest update for each podcast. I'm subscribed to a few of them right now, probably more in the future. Adam Curry's Podfinder is a pretty cool podcast. Adam, if you remember was a VJ on MTV way back in the days of 'Freeze Frame'.. remember that video?!.. Anyhow, I think he's claiming to be one of the leading pioneers in podcasting. His Podfinder cast, takes you through some of his top podcast picks of the week. He named so many of them, and gave audio snips of each - it was hard to remember all of them. The one I did remember, which I downloaded and listed to today was the Rock and Roll Geek Show.. which, is going to be my new fav. Michael Butler hosts the show, which is more like a radio show. It features up and coming and past punk rock and indie bands. He'll play entire songs from the bands, as well as interviews. Very cool.
I also subscribed to a Macintosh cast called The Mac Observer's Mac Geek Gab. AWFUL. The main guy, Dave Hamilton, has a good radio voice, but his partner, John Braun sounds like he's sleeping through the show, and pipes in with his soft spoken sleepy voice every so often and rattles in an arrogant fashion proving that he truly is a Mac Geek. This most recent recent cast was about Johns home electricity went out, and, he pretty much rambled about that the whole show.
I think what I'm getting at here - there is a whole new world out there in web radio/audio. Some good, some bad. But its there, and it's at your fingertips to explore. You have instant access to the latest in health, movie reviews, gardening, comedy, food, news, travel.. the list goes on. It's like tv cable for your ipod. And its all FREE. Even if you don't have an ipod, you can subscribe and listen on your computer. Even PC users too! :)
Anyhow, if your not on itunes version 4.9 , go there.. download it, and check out the newest feature. Podcasts.