Thursday, July 21, 2005


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I was jonesin' for a coffee this morning, so Dan and I walked down to the local coffee shop. The sweetheart Dan is, bought me my iced cappuccino, which today's flavor of the day is 'The Elvis'. Peanut butter and banana. It's actually pretty tasty. I figured I'd have something in this post to do with Elvis, so I run a google picture search, and look what comes up! Elvis, Jesus and Robert E. Lee - a painting by an artist named Frodisi. I'm not quite sure of the story behind it, or even if there is one - but, it's definitely different!

I'm hooked on The Rock and Roll Geek Show.. I'll stop mentioning it every day, but it's just a really cool podcast. Today there is a new cast where they have clips of the new Rock Star INXS show and a Motley Crue interview that turns out to be hilarious. They throw in the usual tunes that come with each show. It's rough, recorded live and has its glitches - but the whole concept just intrigues me. I keep thinking, if this guy can do it.. why can't i?! Watch out.. you might start hearing my blog, rather then reading it. :)

This weekend is the Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival! Has a nice ring to it doesn't it?! Two of my favorite things.. Beer and Michigan! Tickets are $25, which gets you a bunch of wooden tokens to use for samples. I went about two years ago, and had a blast. It's not really a drunk fest, it's more of a hippy wine tasting event. Beer connoiseurs mainly. I think the $25 ticket weeds out the frat kids looking for a place to get plowed. My favorite breweries: Michigan Brewing Company, Holland Brewing Company and of course, Bells. I'm sure I'll have more after the festival.. stay tuned.
Anyhow, that's what my weekend looks like thus far. I really have no other plans, and I should keep it that way. I hear that Michigan corn has hit the markets.. a trip to the Toledo Farmers Market might be a good Saturday morning venture.. !

One last thing - check out what you can do with a little free time and 13 pounds of gummy bears.