Friday, July 22, 2005

Yay Friday

Well, we just tried the first habanaro of the year. I'm still tearing up and having trouble speaking, and it's been 10 minutes. This one was a green one, not even oranged up yet. There are a TON of them growing.. anyone need some peppers?!

I've heard about a few of beers this past week, that I'm going to have to try out. We're installing a new system at work, and the trainer was in from Florida. I got a chance to talk with him Thursday afternoon at Steve's Tavern. He's originally from Australia, and had a really cool accent. Anyhow, he told us about a couple of beers from his homeland. One of them, known as VB, or Victorian Bitter. He mentioned another one called Coopers. Oh yeah, and when he says 'mate', I think he's saying meet. I thought he was saying mate girls.. I was corrected later on, he was saying meet girls.
Another one I heard about is Stella Artois, which was said to be on the same basis as Heineken, but much better. I heard in some states its hard to get.. anyone know about this?
This week, my Wisconsin connection came through with 2 cases of Leinenkugel's original. If you haven't tried it, its a creamy smooth pilsner, very refreshing and best ice cold! If your in the neighborhood, stop in before their gone! Thanks Val!!

This morning, in all my geekness, downloaded and listened to Maccast, a podcast about all things Macintosh. A really good show, chock full of great info for us Mac geeks. Todays episode included a link for an RSS tutorial, something very important to podcasters!
Wow.. Dan just sent me another RSS feed site - check out
Hey look, my girlfriend is a geek too! She sent me a link for an mp3 FM modulator. What will they think of next?!

I also listened to an enhanced podcast today. An enhanced podcast has chapters that you can skip through. So, on this particular one (which I swore I wouldn't mention again, so instead I'm putting a link up for it under links), the guy plays a song, then talks for a while, then plays another song - well, you can skip through the song if you don't like it. Pretty cool eh? Here's a great article at that explains how to make an enhanced podcast. very cool!!

Next week is a busy week. Aaron and I signed up for a pizza taste test in Ann Arbor. Jen works with someone who has a relative that works at a marketing firm that does taste testing every once in a while. You walk in, you fill out a form, you taste test something, you fill out another form, and you get handed a check for $25 on the way out. How cool is that?!
Wednesday, July 27th is a presentation at the Ann Arbor District Library on how beer is made. The two founders of Ypsilanti Brewing Company demonstrate the brewing process and will have samples of freshly brewed root beer. 7-8:30 p.m. I found the info through eCurrent.
And of course, Thursday is Evan Dando! woohoo.

Here's a good story on the Michigan Summer beer festival Jen just sent me, and the Smoking Gun article i talked about with friends last night - read this , it's hilarious! Be sure to click on the other links to check out the pictures of the guys that got arrested.

Have a good weekend ya'll.

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  1. Honey.. if you are so interested in podcasts.. and you think I am funny.. Which you do.. Check out Mr. Poose.. there is a link on my blog to get to him and he is just scrumptious!! Get at it boy!! and try milk for hot peppers.. it helps quench the burning babe!