Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Jam session #1

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I figure on days when I have nothing else to post, I can post some of my favorite bands or tunes I run across.
Back in the days that I was totally immersed in punk rock music, I found this band on Mutant Pop Records called After School Special. They were a three piece, and played this bubble gum punk with a real edge to it. You could totally tell they had some Bad Religion, Pennywise and Decendents in them. The band actually never did anything, they recorded songs when the three of them got together on college breaks. They actually released some albums, but never really even did any shows.
David Jones was the singer/songwriter for After School Special. After the band sort of went their own ways, David eventually found some musicians and started up the band Enemy You.
This band is a little less pop, and a lot more driving, straight forward punk rock with an even bigger edge. Enemy You spent a brief time on Panic Button Records a spin off of Lookout Records and released 'Where No One Knows My Name' in 1999. Things didn't go so well with Lookout, and the band moved on. Red Scare Records put out their most recent album in 2004 called 'Stories Never Told'.
Enemy you has done a few other things along the way including a tune that was apparently used for the previews of the movie Boy in a Bubble.. although, I watched all the previews and never heard it.
Anyhow, the band has finally settled with Nitro Records and should be releasing an album by the end of this year. For as hard as this band has worked, I really give David a lot of credit, he's really stuck it out. Keep on rocking guys.

Boy In A Bubble - Four on the Floor
(Panic Button) - this was a four band promotional cd. Four bands, four songs each. Screeching Weasel, Moral Crux, Enemy You and the Teen Idols.

Hopes and Dreams - Where No One Knows My Name
(Panic Button) - This is the closing song on their debut album.

The Only One - Stories Never Told
(Red Scare Records) - Great tune from their latest album.

Check out their website to read more about them. Let me know what you think!