Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Finally Wednesday...

This week has been going pretty slow. We've had all day meetings on Monday and Tuesday at work.. they were torture. The second day went a little better, we all had to get involved more. The first day was just sitting there listening to these guys talk.

I did yoga for the first time last night with Jen. I still don't understand how I was sweating buckets, and all i was doing was stretching. It was pretty neat though, very relaxing.

It's supposed to be a record high today - 94-96 degrees. woohoo! I hadn't planned on leaving the office today, but I think i'm going to do some running around on lunch. It's steak night tonight, so the gang of us, and hopefully the training folks for our new system will be coming along. I think we're going to club 129 (Monroe's martini bar, which also serves as a great cigar lounge) around 5pm, then hitting up steaks around 630-7pm. I hope it cools off a bit this evening.

I'm glad I'm finally back to my office today, I'll be able to crank out some much needed work. I have to try and get ahead a bit, because I'm off next week. It's fun, once I'm on vacation, but when I get back and before I go, it's always a lot of catch-up work.

The Fair Cam has been working great. A couple of minor glitches, but all in all, it's been a success. Everyone has been suggesting that we put it in the Evening News fair booth, rather then pointing on the midway. Bryan isn't so thrilled about that. We talked about next year, possibly doing a few cams around the fair, people would just have to select which cam they wanted to view. All in all, it's a pretty cool idea, and even cooler that our company is flexible enough to let him pull this off. I can't wait to see our site-hit results at the end of the week.. hopefully good.

I cooked a rad dinner last night. Zucchini and onions sauteed in olive oil and seasonings, grilled eggplant topped with herbs and shredded mozzarella cheese and some of the best sweet corn we've had all year, from the Westborn Market in Dearborn. I've been eating junk lately, I decided it'd be good to be eating some more veggies as often as I can.

Alright, I figured I would end today with some tunage. Today, I'm feeling in the mood for some three chord punk. The Queers, are a down and dirty snotty-pop version of the Ramones. They've been shredding out of so-cal since the early 80's, and have been with Lookout Records a good portion of that time. I've had the pleasure of seeing this band on numerous occasions, each time reminding me of the high energy, song after song with no breaks, 1-2-3-4 count regimen that the Ramones followed for live concerts.

Punk Rock Girls
From the album: Don't Back Down

Love Love Love
From the album: Grow up

See You Later Fuck Face
From the album: Pleasant Screams