Monday, August 01, 2005

My view.

my view
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This is my daily view. The ol' apple g4 Ti-book is nestled on the edge of the big square coffee table that Jen brought to the house, that at first, I put up a fight against - this sucker is huge! After we carried it in the house, and set it down.. I quickly warmed up to it. It has a drawer on each side of it, and i think, secretly, Jen let me have three of them, just so I'd accept this beast. This coffee table has become my own. It's pretty much the only mess I make in the living room now, the clutter on top of this big ol' table - it's all mine. You'll notice in the background, the bag - I believe that was a sixer of Sweet Corn I bought from an old farmer at the market. In front of that was a birthday gift I received from my dad, when I was around 24 or 25 - a Pentax 35mm camera. in front of that is some ipod accessories, and closer sits a glass of ice cold beer - I'm trying to guess which kind of beer I would have been drinking out of a cold mug (had to be something very good - cheaper stuff is nothing but bottle).. in the background you see the kitchen - if you look far enough back, you'll see that I left the cabinet wide open, a great hobby of mine. Refrigerator, with the usual pictures and magnets - and my stereo cabinet, with stickers all over it (thanks Dan!). I get a daily view of the TV like i was sitting in the jungle watching.
Thought I would show you what my morning and evening look like each day. DISCLAIMER: this was a couple weeks ago when the table was messy. Today, it's still a little messy, but with not as much stuff - there's a lienenkugel sweating on the table (on coaster of course.., Jen) I had better tend to....

So, let me get something off my chest here. My neighbors, who are, pretty nice folks, decided it would be cool to get their kids pit-bull puppies. Both of their kids, one just graduated, the other is young - have no interest in taking care of dogs. So, good ol' dad goes out and purchases two large caged in fence structures (because the dogs have tried eating each other - literally - we saw it!!) - so, they keep them separated. So now, the dogs are REALLY not getting any attention. Before, I would walk up and pet them - they were the most adorable puppies. Now, we walk down our driveway - and bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark - get the picture? it's awful. I'm building up this steam toward my neighbors.. they don't seem to care that the dogs bark at us, they just are really good at ignoring it. Give me some advice here folks - i'm about to crack. To top this, the oldest kid, has figured out if he puts the truck in neutral, gasses it as loud as he can, then drop it in drive.. he can roast the tires! woopee!!! Alright. I'm showing my age aren't i?! i suppose I am. But, life isn't as easy now, as it was back when I was his age. At times, my job is pretty stressful. And somedays, or weekends, I'd like to sit back, relax and have things just be mellow. All of these recent neighborhood events have been motivating me even more to look into the whole refinancing thing, and eventually moving to a nice little beach house on 20 acres, with a nice deck out back where we could sip margarita's and watch the sun dip into the sea.. ahh.

Time for some z's. Last golf lesson was tonight and I'm whooped. Thanks to Andrea for the killer salmon - dang that was so good, perfect with brushetta! - Speaking of - I wanted to post the recipe for this brushetta if anyone wants to try it - it's really easy to make, drop me a line if you have any questions.

Later ya'll.