Saturday, July 30, 2005

Best day eva?!

Today was absolutely gorgeous. low 80's all day and sunny. I didn't really do too much, I hung out around the house most of the day. This morning I cruised down to the Toledo Farmers Market. I grabbed some gas at Meijer (2.14 a gallon!), I put $15 in the beastly bronco. That got me a whopping quarter of a tank. Heck with filling that sucker up!
I picked up 3 different kinds of hot peppers, 2 egg plants, 8 zucchini's and 4 onions ( two hot and two sweet). I cruised over to my sisters house, talked with Tim and my nephew Taylor, then got home in time to cruise back out to Milan and pick up the civic. The little red car did great coming back to Monroe.

We decided later on in the evening that we should go golfing. We tee'd off at Old Town Golf Course (par 3 tiny course) at 8pm. The first shot, Jen got the ball on the green, probably about 5 ft. from the hole. The rest of the game, both of us had our ups and downs. But, all in all it was a really nice time. The final hole it was getting pretty dark, but we finished out at 9:30pm - Rob: 42 - Jen: 57. I guess both of us did pretty bad. I need to find a cheaper course. Old Town is $10 each, plus $3 each for the cart. And it's a real small course - all irons. We had a good time though, and learned as we went. Our last lesson is Monday. After that, we're heading to the PGA tryouts.

Oh yeah! I shaved my dog Henry today. He requested a blue mohawk too, so I obliged. Looks pretty snappy doesn't he?! We realized after shaving him that he's gained a lot of weight. So.. I think we're going to move him back down to 2 scoops in the morning, 2 scoops in the evening. The dog would eat a whole bag of food in one sitting if you let him.. yeah, he has an eating problem. I need to get out and play ball with him more too.. keep him moving. I'd take him jogging with me, but I don't have time to stop and smell everything along the way.

Tomorrow's my dads birthday. I'm not even sure how old he's going to be, but I think its about 53ish. We're taking him to the Texas Roadhouse, which I've never been there, but I heard Patrick Swayze is the manager, and don't piss him off - or he'll karate your ass right out of there. Seriously.

Ok. Time to get back to chillin. We'll fix the web cam in the morning, and I'll post it when it goes live. Apparently, the problem is - at some point in the evening, the lady that runs the barn feels she has to shut the power down. The fans that are in the barn, are turned on by plugging them in. So, when she wants to turn the fans off, she thinks that if she just unplugged them, she'd create an arc, and sparks could possibly shoot out into the hay. So, by shutting the power down, she can walk around and unplug them all without crazy sparks shooting all over. #1. Get some new fans lady. If they are sparking, they must be pretty freakin old. #2. What kind of electricity is in that dang barn?! Is it bare wire from 1879?! (yeah, history lesson - that's when good ol' T.E. figured out electricity).
So - we're going to have to figure out what the heck to do with this thing. A final, last resort solution would be to stick it in the companies booth, and cam people that walk by. I like the mid-way idea where it is now, I think we'll get a bunch of action out there. Anyhow, I'll report back tomorrow on its status.

I leave you with The Eyeliners, a band I heard this morning on The Rock and Roll Geek Show. I actually ate dinner with these chicks one night in Detroit, when they first got started. I interviewed them for the magazine I was publishing at the time. Great gals, very down to earth - the funny thing was, if I remember right - all three of them are sisters - maybe that's why they've stuck it out all this time!
'Think of Me' from their new album - 'No Apologies'.