Friday, July 29, 2005

The Fair Cam!

This isn't set to launch until Sunday when the Monroe County Fair opens, but because your a reader of this blog, you get a special pre screening of the one and only... Fair Cam!!
I didn't have too much to do with this, Bryan, Dave and Aaron (all from the newspaper), worked diligently on this project. Why? Just because. I am really glad these guys threw all this together in such a short amount of time, I can see this idea going places... Front st. cam, Jazz fest cam.. etc. We're going to see how many hits it brings to the site.. I hear some promotion is in the works for it too, so - it should be a real hit. Hollar at me if the cam stops at some point over the weekend, or if a kid throws a sno-cone on it. What?! yes of course I expect you to watch it all weekend long.. what else do you have to do?!

Alright, I have a date with a growler of American Pale Ale from Grizzly Peak Brewing Company in Ann Arbor. First glass was amazing. :)