Friday, July 29, 2005

The car, the show and good korean food.

I have been a huge slacker this week on blogging, so I'm going to try and make up for it. I'm home for lunch, and only have a few minutes, so this is going to be sloppy and quick!
I never reported back on the brewing beer demonstration I had all intentions of going to on Wednesday night. I hopped in the little red civic (formerly Val's), and started for Ann Arbor. I lit up a tasty cigar that I got from the beer festival last weekend. All was going good, the sun was shining, I had the sun roof open, jamming to tunes - that's when i noticed the temperature gauge was rising fast. I had just missed the first Milan exit, so I headed for the next. I cranked the heat on full blast, and exited at Plank Rd. (I think). The heat on full blast was working great, so I figured I'd just head for home and take the back roads. Pretty soon, I had no heat, and cold air was blowing on me.. the gauge was red lining now, so I figured it'd be best to stop. I spent a good hour or more at a little carry out just south of the Milan drag-way. First just finishing my cigar and thinking about how I missed the beer demo. The rest of the time was spent calling AAA, getting a ride from Jen, waiting for the tow truck, and watching the shady characters go in and out of this carry out. Tow truck arrived, brought the car to a place in Milan. I tipped the tow truck driver $7 (all I had in my pocket), which he turned and walked in and bought a pack of smokes with the money. Turns out, the radiator had a big hole in it, and needed to be replaced. They also fixed the brake lights for me, so I no longer have to feel like I'm going to get rear ended - my friends will be happy to hear, I've opted out of driving many times because of those brake lights. Anyhow, I pick it up tonight - I'm trading $375 in cash for my car back. Good deal eh?! :)

I'm feeling pretty good today, after pretending I was 20 yrs old last night. The night started off hanging out at a mom and pops Korean/Japanese restaurant in Ann Arbor. You'd think i would remember the name of the place, but.. i don't. It was a white building, on the corner of Williams and Division. Anyone?! We had a GREAT meal!

At first, I was a little apprehensive, but the food came out, and dang it was good. I got a kimchee/pork dish, and Jen got bee-bim-bop.

We headed over to Leopolds bros. brewery after, and had a few beers. I had a Pale Ale (very light, not much of a bite to it, a bit sweet), a Weizenbock (7.5% - the strongest of their beers - big bite, fruity smell and taste) and a Porter (thick, malty and yummo bitter). I smoked a Puros 'Indios' cigar, and think I found a new favorite!

We headed over to the Blind Pig for the Evan Dando show, and got there just in time to hear the last 4 or 5 songs of the opening act. $1.75 bud lights we're on special. I indulged. We met up with a huge Dando fan, who we met at the last concert in Detroit. Lacey I believe her name is - and her boyfriend, I forgot as soon as he told me - but he was a really cool guy. They are both from Traverse City. We talked about getting together on our next vacation. He suggested going to the restaurant he works at called the Apache Trout Grill. Lacey suggested Christmas Cove - it was too loud to hear what it was, but my google search says its an apple tree farm.

Evan quickly walked through the crowd with his guitar strapped around his neck and hopped up on stage. He tuned, sound checked, and jumped right into a song without really saying anything. The next 5 or 6 songs we're the same way. One right after another. He played great - if you've never heard this dude play acoustic, you can really tell he plays straight from his heart. He broke his low E string and while someone got him more strings, he told a joke. 'Why did the chicken cross the road? - because of the egg'.. Deep eh? I don't get it. He got going again with the songs, jammed about 6 more, took his guitar off dropped it from about a foot off the ground, said thanks and left. It was harsh, but, I suppose his style.
Definitely an influence on my guitar playing, but I don't think i'd like to meet him. I think i'll settle on just listening to his music. But, it was a great show - we got home around 2am. I'm on about 4 hours sleep right now, and doing pretty good.

Alright, back to the grind. Have a good weekend ya'll.