Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sam Stone

Yo. It's Thursday night. I'm freakin tired. What was planned to be a bottle of wine relaxing evening watching a movie, turned out to be a bit of work. I decided to pick up a free couch from a friend at work. Well, bringing home the couch meant moving all of the other furniture around in the living room. Ugh. After the tension of dragging couches around ended, Jen and I finally grilled chicken and kicked back.. only to watch a tensed out episode of Alias. This was the episode where they find out Jennifer Garner is pregnant.. they really had no choice (because she really is pregnat, with Ben Aflack).
The story line (Alias) options was: She's pregnant.. or: She picked up a daily beer drinking habit and got a beer gut. The pregnancy roll won. The show was way too intense for me.. I wanted to fall asleep watching it.. instead I was on the edge of my seat the whole time..

Don't ask me what that picture above is of. I did a google picture search on something, and that came up. It looked cool, so I figured I'd save it for the blog.

I'm working on a huge video project at work. It's consumed our lives. It's actually really fun to do, but sooo time consuming. I'll try and show everyone when we're done.

I have a song for ya'll, i've been learning this song, i pretty much have it down - actually it's really easy, I'm just trying to memorize the lyrics. My new goal will be to memorize songs. I thought it would be cool to have a guitar book. I could have a hundred songs and lyrics in a book, and pull them out at parties, so I wouldn't forget the songs. But now, I've become dependant on it. I don't know if I can ever get away without the book at this point, but some of the cooler songs I learn, I'm going to work on memorizing. Anyhow, check this song out -it's pretty moving for an old 60's post-Vietnam story.
Sam Stone.

Alright. Time to sign off. Enjoy your Friday, and enjoy the battle that the University of Michigan is up against this Saturday.

p.s. I have Verizon now. I went with the LG8100. I haven't read the directions yet, but the service works great. I can be anywhere in our building and talk. My boss joked that he would laugh because I had to have my T-Mobile phone sitting by the window in order to get reception. The phone I bought has a camera in it too! stay tuned for some good partying pics! :)