Sunday, September 25, 2005

Liberty Ale and Elvis!

Wow this weekend went fast! I tell ya what. I love the weekends. It's like a little dose of 'not working'.. and wouldn't that rock. I always make the joke '35 more years til I retire!!'.. haha. Yeah, i'm counting down the days. Actually, if I play my cards right, I'll retire earlier on.

What's with the big ol' Anchor Brewing Liberty Ale picture? Well, I think I found my new favorite beer. Sundays are 'try a new beer' day on Beer Advocate, so I decided I should try a new one. I already picked up a sixer of Sam Adams Double Bock, but after reading those reviews.. I was a bit nervous. I wanted to have a couple of beers while I watched the Red Wings, and the Double Bock didn't sound like a hockey beer. Krogers in Monroe always has some obscure beer. We did some grocery shopping today and I found the LIberty Ale for $7.99. Great stuff. Reminded me some of Sierra Nevada, with much less of the hoppy bite - very smooth.

I figured I would try the Double Bock tonight too.. I'm halfway through one, and am feeling it. It's pretty thick amber in color, carmel smell and a huge taste. Very much of a bock, semi-sweet taste with a big bite of alcohol. A giant 8% alc. content is why the advocate boys were suggesting not to drink the whole sixer. Not my favorite, but it's a good sipping beer. For $7.99 at Meijer, you realy can't go wrong - it's a seasonal brew too - so hurry up and get your sixer, and invite me over! :)

Well, I'm about to switch my cell phone service to Verizon. Anyone have any Verizon comments for me, so I feel better about this switch from T-Mobile? I had a good run with T-Mobile, but I'm sick of the dropped calls.. and crappy service in my own living room. The cool part has been that my Bro-in-law works there, and I've had the opportunity of trying out all of the coolest phones out there - I'm currently using a BlackBerry 7100.. I'm going to miss this phone.

Alright. That's all for now. If you missed Dan's Birthday Extravaganza, you missed a good time. We saw Elvis at Mugsy's, and found out Dan is a trivia FREAK. Have a good week everyone, I think we're heading to Ann Arbor on a mission to check out the newly brewed October Fest beers at the brewers.. I'll keep everyone posted of our findings.

p.s. Let me elaborate on the Elvis guy singing Karaoke.. he did 'Hound Dog'... and ya know the point in the song where Elvis sings 'you ain't never caught a rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine'... then there's the snare roll.. well, the guy would jump down on the ground and pretend that he was shooting a machine gun. It was one of the most bad-assest things I ever saw.