Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hockeys BACK!

It's been like Christmas the past couple days. The NHL is back, which means our Red Wings are back in action. Yesterday they played an amazing game against Colorado, and won in OT. Tonight they are playing Columbus Blue Jackets.. it seems they are out playing them, but the score isn't reflecting that. It's only part way through the 2nd period, so there's a lot of hockey left. Wow - there was just a fight, gloves dropped, center ice square off, just like old time hockey! Nothing good.. just turned out to be some wrestling around.

This week has been a blur. I had so much to do each night of the week, its nice to finally kick back and relax. I have a fairly busy weekend too - I'm going to try my darndness to make it to Oktober Fest in Ann Arbor, MI this weekend. It's Friday and Saturday downtown. Usually, the three main brewers in a2, come up with a great bru for the festival.. I'm going to take my growlers down and try and get them filled.

Check this out:
Preserving Peppers in Alcohol
Another method of "pickling" chiles is to preserve them in liquor. This method has several advantages to it, including the fact that the process can be completed without using the stove. Also, alcohol tends to change the chiles less than vinegar. Simply cut or poke a hole in each chile and cover with your preferred liquor. Vodka, gin, vermouth, and rum all produce tasty results. Not only does this process preserve chiles, it also produces some very interesting drinks!
I made this tonight with Vodka. We'll give it a month or so, and crack it out. Maybe I'll bring it out at the annual Thanksgiving bash.

Alright ya'll. I'm out. Sick-Nick is heading up to Mugsy's, and I'm supposed to meet him up there for a ginger ale. :)