Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Well, the rumors were true. Aperture, the latest Apple software was released today. By the looks of it, it seems like it's a maxed out version of iPhoto that does photo rendering/manipulation. The site has some cool quicktime demo's on it, so buzz around. We had hoped that the price tag would be a little better.. we were wrong.. $499. ouch! Maybe it's worth it.. I'll give it some time to see what everyone is saying about it.

On the way home today we stopped at my favorite place ever - Michigan Brewing Company at the Weberville Exit off 96. They have the best chili and beers. I picked up a mixed up sixer, one of them was their seasonal Pumpkin Spice Ale. I was a little leary of it, but I'm really, really impressed. It's nice and smooth, and has a hint of clovey/pumpkin flavor.. not too overpowering or sweet. Very good. I have a few others I'll review as I drink them.

Hearing Test - this is a real simple online test to check your hearing. I have a minor loss of hearing.. might have something to do with years and years in punk bands, and attending concerts... hmm.

Oh yeah, the video presentation we did in Lansing worked out great.. everything went smooth as butta. :) Hopefully I can show some of ya at some point.