Monday, October 10, 2005

Candy from heaven

Camping this past weekend was fun. It wasn't as cold as I imagined it would be. We got set up in the dark on Friday night, and got a nice warm fire going. We sat around and played guitar and sang songs. We spent a good amount of the weekend looking over our new summer home (we're getting a permanent site for the summer next year). The lot is huge, and should be able to fit a bunch of tents for our weekend visitors.
The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing. We saw the kids all trick or treating around the campground, went to the haunted trail, and met the werewolf with his funky hands that he was so proud of.

What would you do?
Lets say its late, your out by the campfire partying it up, a golf cart comes zooming by. It hits a bump and something comes flying off. You go and inspect it. You find out its a big ol' bag full of trick or treating candy. You think about the hard work that the kid went through to go to each campsite to collect their prizes, but then you think about the drunk irresponsible parents, zooming around on the golf cart with a big bag of candy sitting on the back edge. And, what are the chances the bag of candy would fall right in front of your campsite?! And, do you really have the time to go around to each site to find out who's bag of candy this is?

Well, needless to say, we feasted on candy. I have some to share, stop by! :)

Have a good week ya'll.