Tuesday, October 11, 2005

So long Tuesday.

The picture above is our maintenance guy at work, Steve. Apparently, he doesn't like his picture taken.

Why would you want to drink a Mountain Dew every ten minutes? Checkthis out.

Has anyone been using the new Google RSS Reader? I use Newswire Lite. It's a little program that you just paste feeds into and it picks up and bundles everything into one package. So, all of the sites I normally read, I have feeds set up to, so I don't even have to surf and wait for pages to load. I dig it. The thing I don't like about Googles, is that I still have to wait for the page to load - not that it's long, but newswire is instantaneous - and it pops up a little red icon when any new feed comes in.

Anyhow, check out whats going on over at gHacks.net - they show you how to do a google search for and download: Movies, eBooks and Mp3's. I haven't tried it yet, but I will soon - and let you know what I find!

Signing off for now. Tomorrow is TACO day at work! woohoo!