Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I learned something the hard way today. Apparently, in iMovie HD, there is a glitch. When you export to iDVD, it will ask you to render (see above picture). The description leads you to believe that you have to render, and that it's for the best. Well don't do it!! We've spent hours and days on this video project - all done in iMovie. Clicking that button destroyed all of my photos. I had to go in and re-import everything! So, I'm working on my second 14 hour day in a row.. I think I've fixed the problems.
Since Apple dicked me over today, I'm not going to blog about the new ipod video, that all the other mac junkies are blogging about today. :)

Alright - sorry for the bitching.. let me continue with my regular blogging material.

If your reading this blog, your probably surfing the web while at work, as you do quite often, and sometimes have trouble getting back into the groove of working.
Well, you need to check out the Procrastination Hack. This guy has created a method for staying focused at work. Give it a shot!

Wow check out this free music site: FreePlayMusic - perfect if your seeking some background music for a video or podcast.

Dang! The Alfred Hitchcock movie Charade (1963) has been posted on for all to enjoy! Buzz around that site if your bored, there are plenty of other movies to download.

I should mention, as I do quite often, that I get a bunch of my links from

Funny story from TheOnion about a dude that unexpectedly gets a girlfriend.

I think I sent this to some of ya, but it's so funny. This dude sold his leather pants on ebay.. read the description.

And finally - be sure to check out the DewEveryTen site I posted yesterday. He started today at 11am, and has been drinking Mountain Dew's every 10 minutes! Sounds like a fun dude.

Alright. I'm making a back up copy of this movie, burning it to DVD, then going home for a nap.