Thursday, October 06, 2005

Did you say camping?!

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Yeah, that's right. I think we're going camping this weekend. It'll be the last camping trip of the year. It's supposed to be dern cold, so I'm taking plenty of blankets and the little plug in heater. The dogs should love it, I say the word 'camping' now, and both of them get all crazy excited. Jen's dog Daisy will run and climb into the truck and won't get out.
I think next year we're going to get a permanent site at the campground - just to try it for a season. This year we went a bunch of times, but it was a real drag bringing the camper back and forth each time - not to mention the gas we went through in the truck. So, I'm going to officially have a second redneck home.. where I'll be every weekend partying it up with other campers who are all twice my age.

Just a note - we found Dan. He showed up at B-Dubs last night, and I think he even did a shot of something. The Wings won. I asked this couple sitting next to me at the bar, I said 'Hey, are you here to watch the Red Wings?'.. the guy shouts back 'No, we're here for the Chicken Wings'.. :)

Don't forget - Friday is the deadline for the Yahoo Fantasy Hockey League.. so if I missed anybody.. email me and I'll get you signed up to rank your players - Draft is Friday night!

Have a GREAT weekend.