Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dan Eizans - M.I.A.

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Where's Dan been?! He left the News for Crains and doesn't come around anymore. :( Actually, I couldn't figure out what picture to post today, so I decided to use Danny boys.. the time he drank way to many 22oz cans of beer, then topped it off with a Bud Select that Aaron bought him. haha. Good times. But him and Molly have been MIA lately.. busy I suppose!

Check this out - it's called the TV-B Gone, you can take it to restaurants and turn off any tv with it. I don't know why i still like to do childish things like this, but dang I want one of these!!

Jen sent me this:
Rejected iPod Engravings - hilarious!!

Happy Tuesday ya'll.