Saturday, November 05, 2005


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Spell with Flickr! Type in whatever you want and this dandy web page will output pictures of letters spelling your word. Try it.. you'll like it! Look.. here's mine:


Last night was one of those evenings where I swore I wouldn't get stuck hanging out in town.. but ended up doing that anyhow, and had some good fun. It's fun to just get together with friends and laugh every once in a while. PIcture above I'm doing just that.

I have got to share it with ya'll.. it's a video I threw together for work. We made this huge video about the company that we're presenting later this month, and this is the trailer for it. Check it out

Red Square: Click on the red square and move it around to stay away from the blue squares. Lame but I kept on playing it over and over..

Got a question? Need a human to answer? Check out - People asking any sort of question from'What kind of digi cam should i buy' .. to What's the reason for living'..

Lunch is on Google! - This story is about people that sneak into Google to get the free lunch that they provide to Google employees.

Have a good weekend ya'll.