Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Greek Town

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Todays blog is brought to you by Web Dave. He gave me a Yuengling Traditional Lager . I'd have to say, it is very good. It's a darker pilsner, with a cream colored head. Very light creamy taste. No odd taste surprises here, just straight up tasty beer! Thanks Dave!!

Barnaby vs. Fischer: The fight we saw at the Red Wings game last night.

Office Space: Extended movie released - fun little game on this website.

Beard Championships!: My buddy Aaron woulda won something here..

Catch the flies with chopsticks! - Just like on Karate Kid! Cool little game...

Thriller Live!: This town does Michael Jackson's Thriller for Halloween every year. I wonder how they decide gets to be Mj?!

Pastor slip up: Funny little video of this paster preaching, and he slips up his words.. and has a hard time getting back on track. cracked me up..

1 Ounce for you!: I'm sure you've heard about this - Denver folks voted to smoke it up.

Picture above is Greek Town in Detroit.
Time for some z's.