Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My dude

Here's Collin - my nephew. He picked up my hat, put it on and walked up to me. When he was a baby, I used to put my stocking caps on him all the time.. I wonder if he remembered. Anyhow, I love to look at his picture and imagine how easy that dudes got it right now. The most he has to worry about is how he's going to knock that shiny object off the table, or get food when he's hungry. I think retirement will sort of take us back to a child like state won't it?! No worrying about the day to day rush. We'll get up in the morning, relax, eat, nap, relax some more, nap some more.. just like we did as kids. Can you tell i've had a rough week at work ?! I'm talking about retirement! Only 30 more years to go! woohoo! Anyhow, that's all for now.. just wanted to post something - i know if I didn't while i had a few moments, I wouldn't at all this week. It's been the week from hell at work, actually, the past few weeks have. I've done zero christmas shopping, and haven't had much of a life, mainly because i've been at work til all hours of the night everynight.. including weekends. Just when I'll be about to crack, is when my week off after christmas will rejuvinate me. I can't wait! Oh - and everyones getting gifts a week after christmas this year.. :)