Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Years... again.

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Today is my floating holiday day, because New Years landed on a Sunday this year. So, I'm celebrating. Actually, I've decided I'm going to take a crack at putting down laminate flooring in my kitchen. I need to measure, get the tools ready and buy the stuff first, well, then of course move appliances around - but, of course, expect before and after pictures. It's not too often I do home remodeling projects, so its kind of a big deal for me. And of course, I decided to post a blog today, because i'm the KING of procrastination. :) If you feel the need to procrastinate today, here are some links to help you out. Oh, by the way, the picture above is from when I wandered Florida for a week a couple years back. I was looking at a travel magazine earlier, and it made me think of the sun and palm trees. Ahhh. I'm patiently waiting for summer.

Send a robotic message to anyones phone: This one is pretty fun. Type in a message, and the persons phone number, and hit send! They will get a text-to-speech message when they answer. It rattles off your IP address at the end, but no one will figure out what the hell that is. It works too, I tried it. I'll be sending everyone that doesn't read this messages soon too - especially if my floor project goes sour!

New Years Resolutions!: This site gives a random resolution, just in case you can't decide. It's kind of like a magic 8 ball, refresh to get a different one. Mine was: To pick my nose at stop lights. Hmm. that's nothing new..

Top 10 time wasting websites
This has some good links to it. The top falling sand one is awesome. If you dig that, check out this sand art site.

Game: Pull people to heaven - this is fun if you can get a hang on how to work that rope!

Eye Popping Video: Watch this! It's kind of, um, well, odd! A guy practically pops his eyeball out, just for fun. :)

Spin and Speak: Pull the cord for advice. Pretty funny.

Hey - Motley Crue talks about their concert in Detroit on New Years Eve. Sounds like a good time, and that Mick Marrs is a pussy.

Two Headed snake! Being auctioned off - bidding starts at $150,000.