Saturday, January 14, 2006

Nothin new...

Not much has been going on with me. I've taken over my new web position at work, and it's been busy as all heck. This weekend has been pretty relaxing, it's Saturday night, and I'm sitting home watching hockey! Pretty rare for me.. but it makes for a relaxing and less expensive weekend staying home. Anyhow, here are some sites I've ran across this week.. enjoy.

For those of you that have played xbox live, you'll totally dig this video: How to talk smack on Xbox LIve

Beer ban lifted! Westerville Ohio can finally drink beer. It's about damn time.

File Swap. This is pretty cool. You upload one of your files to it, and it randomly grabs someone else's file that they uploaded, and you download that. Try it out. I got some picture of a dinner with wine glasses.

A Jeep commercial. I've never seen this before.. hmm.
Jeeps. Bouncy and Fun.

Word of the day! This is pretty cool, you can subscribe and get a new word every day. We all need to learn some new words eh?!

Geek tattoos - wow, check some of these out. Who would get Nintendo tatoo'd on them?!

Ebert and Roeper's worst movies of 2005. I'd have to agree with some of these. Longest Yard was awful.