Saturday, February 11, 2006

Get your 8 tracks!

The best part about working the monthly paper recycling gig at the Newspaper, is digging through the piles of magazines that people bring in. The card above is from some womans magazine from 1972. That's probably near the time when cassette tapes were just introduced, and people were a little nervous about switching to them just yet.. Like I was with CD's (you should see my tape collection!). Anyhow, we thought it'd be funny to fill this out, and see what they say. Maybe I will, and see what happens.. I'll post the letter if they mail me back.

Fourth episode of The IT Crowd has been released. I believe these come out every Friday. If your a computer geek like myself, you'll digg this show.

I'm going to see Andy McKee play tonight. He's a great acoustic guitar player, I was introduced to his music by a couple guys at work. Take a listen to some of his downloads, he's phenominal.
We're also going to the Woodward Avenue Brewery. Couldn't find a link to save my life, but found a review that said the Vanilla Porter and Burritos rock.

One last thing I wanted to mention. I was at Cigar and Conversations in Monroe yesterday, and the owner showed me this sweet website, where you can download or stream live concerts by a ton of artists. He was mainly interested in the Grateful Dead section (as was I), but there are a ton of artists availble. Very cool site - check it out here:

Welp. Time to get a hair cut. I've been shaggy for way too long.