Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Guess what...

That's right, it's Jerry Time. Check out this VideoBlog of a very funny and funny looking man as he struggles through life.

Cook an egg using cell phones: if this is true, I'm going to start using my headset from now on. Basically, these people took two phones and put an egg between them. They had one phone call the other, and had them both sit there, virtually talking to each other (night time free minutes!) - the egg cooked in 3 minutes.

iGuitar: I may have posted this before, but now there's a video. This is a USB guitar, that you plug this guitar into. You can use it in Garage Band to do just about anything you want. So, you can switch your Garage Band software instrument to piano, and when you play, it sounds like a piano. Freakin amazing.

Finally, a video podcast about Cigars! Ok, after waiting for this to download and watching it, I almost shouldn't even post it. But, I am going to anyhow, so maybe somebody out there, might actually feel bad for these people, and make a cigar show with more depth (this is like watching a terribly cheap porn). Check it out if you dare: Up in Smoke Video Podcast