Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pure geekness

So, if you see me walking around with a new sport jacket, I probably have a dozen things hidden in it, so watch out. Check out the rest of the "007" type clothing available at: (thanks KC!)

Rumor has it, Chicago will be the first major city broadcast city-wide wi-fi stretching 228 square miles.
Imagine that. Wifi radios for everyone, and no more local radio stations.

Online Portfolios

My persuit to rid the workplace of neckties: They carry GERMS!!

Yet another video desiphering lyrics to a Brand New song.

Ripped off? Or just feel like complaining? Check out iGotScrewed!

Wow. Dog poop = methane gas = energy to heat a stove. I could do this, but the dog poop in my back yard somehow disappears.. I have a feeling mister Hank knows something about it...

Claymation coolness with Frank Zappa. If you have a few minutes to let this load, check it out - this guy has a wild imagination.