Thursday, February 02, 2006

Storm wins in OT!

A bunch of us went to the Toledo Storm hockey game last night and had a great time. Toledo won in OT. I have a ton of stuff to post because I've been slacking all week, so you might see a few in the next day or so.. so stay tuned!
Online radio: Type in the name of your favorite band, and it will play songs by that specific band, and also bands in the similar genre. Very cool.

This dude ate the hell out of a goats head. Scroll down on this site for some pictures.

Fun with knitting! Check out some of these knitting projects, you'll laugh.

Chat cartoons! - copy/paste a small instant messaging conversation into the provided window, and Bammo! you have an instant cartoon! Then, you get a link to share with others. Very cool.

Wolf shirt: I'm raising money to buy this for my buddy Aaron for his birthday. Anyone want to contribute?! After you see this shirt, you'll want it for yourself. :)

Warner Bros. to sell movie downloads online: I called this one as soon as the ipod video came out. It was only a matter of time that movies would be available!

EyeFi: Download from the internet straight to your brain! Ok, it's a joke skit from Conan O'Brien, but it's a concept that i'm sure we'll see in the future...