Monday, January 30, 2006

Smoking Lounge

I finally cleaned my garage this weekend - it was so messy I couldn't even walk through it. Now, it's respectable. It'll become the new smoking lounge, and if anything else, the site for this years Super Bowl extravaganza party.
Other then that, the weekend was pretty mild. Very relaxing. I watched a ton of hockey and even tried my hand and grilling a duck - (I have 7 more frozen ducks if anyones interested!).. On with the daily links:

I don't think any amount of beer would make me jump the glass at a hockey game, and approach the opposite teams bench. This guy got a machine gun of blows to the head when he tried it. I'm not sure what his intentions were, but I'd have to say he got his ass kicked!

Chewbacca's Blog: I didn't know this dude kept a blog!

My blog is 72% Good, and 28% Evil. Woohoo!
Rate your website.

HeMale or SheMale: Take the quiz! Pictures of various woman, you need to decide whether they are really a guy or a girl. I didn't do so good. Let me know if you get them all right

Free Stock Photos! A giant list of websites with free stock photos that you can use in your however you wish! Very cool.

Wireless USB coming soon! (Yeah, I'm a geek).