Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday, Friday, Friday

You think I would learn, that a 3 mile run the morning after having multiple beers might be difficult.. Actually the most difficult part was motivating myself to put the running shoes on!
Here's some motivational links to get you through your Friday:

Fastr - Instructions: Random Flickr photos with the same theme/tags pop up, you have to guess what the theme is. Very fun.

Ever since I heard about the Go-Daddy commercial that was rejected from the Super Bowl - I wanted to check it out. This doesn't seem so bad.

What happens when you fill a supersoaker water gun with WD40, then light the end? See for yourself!

I loved this show! StreetHawk - probably one of the reasons I ride a cycle today!

Read the world news: World map pops up, mouse over the various colored buttons to see the news headlines. Whoever programmed this is a genius. Helps to turn off the red balloon.

Taste the Rainbow of FrustrationFrom This blog is hilarious.. check out some of his other postings.

Funny Monopoly Cards: I haven't played the game in a long time, but I'm sure these would make it much more interesting!