Friday, March 10, 2006

Who is that dude?

Don't ask me who the picture of the dude is, I did a google picture search for Westland, MI and that picture was like the 10th pic.
Sorry for the lack of posts. My couch/computer time has been replaced with running 5 miles daily. I'll probably do more postings on the weekends, but this warm weather has me running like a mad man! :) On with the cool links I've ran across this week:

The Hills Have Eyes - Have you watched this movie preview? I got scared just seeing this - I don't even need to see the movie now.

A story of my buddy in Colorado that saw Dog the Bounty Hunter in the Wal-Mart parking lot. My first question was - Did he have those sunglasses on dude?!

Check out these computer work station/chairs. It looks kind of cozy.

Free e-books. - not audio, but worth checking out, there are some good titles.

Having trouble picking the sexiest women of 2006? I wasn't actually, but I took this little test anyways. Kind of cool how they do the video, it's like she's actually talking to me!

Whoa. While we're on the chicks subject - is this possible?!

Looks like Henry the blogger is into video postings himself - Check it out.