Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Beer and Coffee

Anyone want to volunteer at this years Michigan Beer Festival? The event is July 22nd in Ypsilanti. I'm going to volunteer Friday night. If you volunteer, you get a free ticket to the following days event - which is $25! Click here to download a volunteer form.

LaLa.com - Get rid of that cd collection - all cd's for $1. Or, trade straight up trade cd's for what you want. Very cool service.

Birthday Freebies! I'm going to make a list and spend the day getting my FREE stuff.. check out the list.

LifeHacker - Cool site for tips on life

SimplyBill! - If you've ever needed to create an invoice, and wasn't sure how - this site practically does it for you. 3 free invoices a month. woohoo.

New brewery in Ypsilanti, MI - Corner Brewery - this is just a spin off of Arbor Brewing in Ann Arbor -serving most of the same beers. They are saying they will offer one beer that isn't available at Arbor.

Coffee may cut liver damage alcohol - so, after the brewery and the beer festival - drink some coffee!!