Friday, June 16, 2006

Remeber the crawl!.. and dad.

So, this is it! The first ever.. Monroe Pub Crawl! Saturday, June 17th! I talked to one of the founders of the idea, who might be making a surprise appearance to Monroe Saturday.. lets hope so, so we can all thank him for the glorious idea. Hope to see you all out there, and call me if you don't know where we are - I'm sure we'll be literally crawling aorund town somewheres. :)
Click here for the Monroe Pub Crawl website.

Happy Fathers Day!! Don't get too drunk and be hungover for dads day.. But, in case you do.. here are some really quick ideas for cards. (Trust me, your going to crack up at these)..
Fathers Day cards for bad dads.

And, if your really bored this weekend - you can read Enron's email. That's right, someone has posted a couple years worth of emails from Enron and categorized them all. I spent an hour just reading all of the "Questionable" category of emails - some were cracking me up. Just goes to show you NOT to use company email for personal stuff!!

I haven't even seen the previews for Nacho Libre, but check out the site. The Third link down, there is a game that is fun as hell - it reminds me of the old Nintendo Kung-Fu game.

Alright, see you all at the crawl!