Saturday, June 24, 2006

Rob runs a lot

Yeah, if most of you don't know, I took up running almost two years ago to lose a couple pounds. I was pushing 220lbs, and when I would get to the top of the stairs at work, I felt like dying I was so out of breath. I started treadmilling/walking/running until I could go a mile or so - then began running outside. I remember doing my first 2 mile run, and being amazed at what I accomplished. Then, I tried a 5 mile run one day before work. I felt awesome afterwards. I'm running 30 or more miles a week these days, and have dropped over fiddy pounds. I ran my first 5k this year also - and am signing up for a marathon in the fall.
So why am I telling you all this?! Well, I just added a running log link to the top of the site. I keep track of my runs daily (with my handy Garmin Forerunner 201) - but thus far have been doing it in a text pad document, or on paper in my training log. This site: Buckeye Outdoors Training Site I heard about on my long run this morning while listening to my favorite running podcast Phedippidations.
Each day, I'll post my run time and notes about the run. I'm on a training plan right now, so after I log in the daily miles, I'll just need to update my times. Hopefully I'll keep this up so you all can see just how crazy I am each day - but, of course, you probably already know I'm a bit odd!

So to sum this post up, I would have to say I've proclaimed officially that I'm a running GEEK! :)