Friday, November 03, 2006

Run Forrest!

I went running yesterday after work - my first real run since the marathon. I felt pretty good, despite the blowing wind and blizarding snow fall. As I ran through this apartment community, three girls sat in the middle of the basketball court and watched me run by. As soon as I got about 20 ft. from them, they all started yelling "RUN FORREST, RUN!!" Oldest joke in the book.
So, if your really bored, you can see the pictures of me finishing the marathon. Most of the pictures were taken at the end, running through greek town. Notice me passing two veteran marathoners (white bibs). Those might have been the only two I passed, at the end, I was uh..kind of tired.
The first marathoners results also we're posted finally. In the mens 30-34 age group, out of 150 - I came in 27th place. Not too bad.
I signed up for the Detroit Turkey Trot today, and have started the tail end of the advanced 10k training plan. Lets hope its not snowing too hard or in the minus-degree temperatures that day!