Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What I did last weekend...

Last weekend I had a lot going on. I'll let the video and pictures tell the story.
Saw the niece and nephew Saturday morning. Always good to see those two, they were full of giggles as you can see. Collin told me how he uses the potty sometimes, and I told him how i also use the potty... sometimes.

Pickled eggs at the VFW. Gotta love them pickled eggs.

WAB for some decent brews. I had their regular Porter, a pale ale, and their hefe weizen.

Masa Sumide - Ferndale, MI - GREAT show.

Sunday, went to Best Buy in Taylor, MI. Stopped at the Sports Brew Pub in Wyandotte for lunch. Good..wait, Great food. Decent beers. Loved the stout, it was a good ol' fashioned nutty, deep dark stout. Watched the Red Wings lose, and enjoyed one of their pleasantly hoppy IPA's. Sampled some others, pretty good selection. I probably won't frequent the place, but it's good to know it's there.