Sunday, October 07, 2007

6 ducks on my front porch

I looked out my front porch this morning and seen a grocery bag sitting there. I stepped out and peeked inside. 6 dead ducks. 3 of them were huge, the other 3 smaller. I googled "how to clean a duck" and found this website. It was easy as it looks. Looks like I have a lb or more of duck meat. Now it's time to find some duck recipes!!
Oh - I should probably tell you who gave me the ducks. I met a guy at my garage sale that invited me to the moose lodge. He was telling me about a wild game dinner, and that they have so much game all the time they can't give it away.. Me and free wild game get along great, so I gave him my number. He called yesterday and said he's ready to drop them off. I hope he shows up with a bear or a moose or something. No worries, google will show me how to take care of it. :)