Monday, September 22, 2008

Oktoberfest @ The DRB - Success!

Oktoberfest @ Dayton Road Brewing was a definite success. I found out after already planning the party, that Munich's Oktoberfest started the same day, so it made it even more festive. Here's the run down:
- 60 brats were consumed.
- Around 10 lbs of german potato salad
- More than 16 gallons of beer
- One bottle of Jaeger
- A lot of cornhole was played, and, if I remember right, I think my team won!
- The cops never showed up
- A door to door sales guy did, and drank a beer with us
- The live accordion music was a hit
- Can't recall the time the night ended, but I do remember finding it pretty humorous watching the empty keg rolling off the roof of the garage.

One thing we (Jen) forgot were the pretzels! So, I may have to have another Oktoberfest 2 celebration and just feed everyone hot/baked pretzels and mustard. :)

Click here to see the pictures.