Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You need a rest!

A couple buddies talked me into running the Cork Town St. Patties race on Sunday, March 15th. I had taken a month or so off after the Turkey Trot race/training, and was feeling pretty lethargic. Not to mention, it was mid-winter in Michigan with lots of snow and plenty cold. I can't remember what motivated me to get my running shoes back on, but I did. I thought it would whip me into shape if I ran every single day, no rests... (idiot).

On Sunday, February 1st, I set out to train for the Cork Town St. Patties race. My goal was to run every single day until race day. I started out on my treadmill, only to have the motor burn out the same week I started. I kept up my running though, outside, in the cold and snow.. (no kidding, I ran a few miles in blizzard conditions one day).

Jen said a couple times "You need to rest," after I complained of my legs hurting or being so exhausted. I couldn't seem to pick my pace up either, I think because my energy level wasn't able to rebuild itself.. especially when I started running twice a day.

Finally, after 35 days straight, I took a well needed rest. I got back on the road the day after the rest, and ran a strong 5 miles at a really good pace. I told Jen about how fast I ran and how good I felt after the run, and how I think that rest day really helped.. and I got the response I hear from her so often... "I told you so!" :)