Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Enjoy music on the go? Try iPhone app

I admit, I'm an app-junkie. I have event notices on my calendar the day apps I read about are going to be released. I sign up to beta test apps, and my iPhone/iPad are probably ready to explode there are so many.
The funny thing is, I don't keep the app around if it doesn't meet my expectations. I get satisfaction out of pressing the app icon until they all start to wiggle and clicking that small red X making the app and icon disappear. Some apps though, I find myself using so much that I push others aside to move it to the first main page of my iPhone.
Turntable will soon be making it's way to my main page. The app released last September completely buzzed by me. I somehow managed an early invite to the browser version over the summer and loved the concept, but somehow missed the iPhone release. Last week, released some updates to the app. I don't know what the ratings were before this update (which fixed a ton of bugs), but as of now, the ratings are nearly 5 stars.
Here's the gist of it: You create an account (Twitter/Facebook accepted), and are presented with a list of rooms, all with different musical themes. You find a room that is playing the style of music you feel like listening to, and join. Once inside the room you see a table with what looks like DJ's sitting behind computers. The crowd is little cartoon figures standing there, some bobbing their heads. Song/Artist appears on the front of the table. At this point, you could basically use this as a Pandora type listening app. You'll get the music style you want, and hardly ever a repeat. But Turntable takes it a little bit further..
If you're feeling like jumping in to play a song, you wait for an open spot at the table. Some rooms require 1 play, then hop down to allow someone else a turn. Others aren't as policed. Be sure to read the room rules, as each are different. Once up on the table, you can open a search window to seek out the specific song you're looking to play. Have it ready before your turn comes up, and be sure to stick with the genre of music. You can give songs thumbs up (which you receive points for if your song is playing) or thumbs down, which I've seen lead to people skipping songs. Like a certain persons music? You can follow them (kind of like friending).
Another sweet feature: a chat room. I see it's pretty much used for complimenting people on the song they played, but I saw some chatter about a band touring or coming out with a new album.
What's the point? Really, I guess the point for me is a new way to listen to music and participate in playing the music I like. I've discovered a couple of cool bands through it, and am really impressed with the selection (tip: search by band name and song name, you can usually find what you're looking for). The only problem I see now is, I don't know anyone on it. It doesn't really matter, but it might be fun to share music with someone I know. If you join - look me up! robgDJ