Monday, October 24, 2005


Thank GOD its Monday!! Why?! I don't know.. I like to say that because it pisses some people off. But, it is another day, and if you look at it right, it's one day closer to Friday right?! Ok then..

I just ran a couple miles so I'm sweating like a hog, so I need to make this fast before I ruin my computer.. If I have time, I'll post a new horror movie picture each day this week in honor of my favorite holiday.. (thus the Jason pic!)..

1) Flash Drawing: This is pretty amazing. Draw through the browser.. send the file off to a friend, or replay your drawing. i think you can even replay it after its sent, and watch how the person drew it. Cool eh?!

2) Time and Date: Calculate how many days old you are.. according to his, I'm 11,085 days old! Dang.. that's freakin old!

3) Waterbed prank: This video made me laugh - this store played a prank on customers.. they put just a thin layer of mattress on this water/waterbed.. and the fun began. I was laughing so hard when i watched this.

4) Podiobooks: Free audio books.. donation suggested of course, but check it out - I didn't browse around much, but it was recommended on the Maccast podcast I listen to. Let me know if you find anything good.

5) Alias Podcast: This ones for Jen - she's a big fan of Alias. I prefer to watch it on mute.. but, this is a podcast devoted to Jennifer Garner and her big gut. Two words Garner.. Bud Light! haha.

Time for B-Dubs, and to celebrate my current reign as Fantasy Hockey champion.. of the week that is. Come on.. I never win! I need to enjoy this while it's happening!! :)

Later ya'll.