Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Holy Smoke!

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No wonder I was so stuffed up the next morning.. look at all that smoke!!

I've been on vacation for a few days. Jen and I went out to Kansas City Missouri to see her sister and family. We had a really great time - I'll be posting some pictures on my flickr site soon. We had the chance to eat some GREAT food - I had the best mexican food I've ever eaten, along with the best BBQ i've ever had. I'm really looking forward to going back - next time Jen and I decided we would take a direct flight - stopping off in Chicago added a lot of time to the trip.

Prior to the trip, I ventured out for the annual Thanksgiving Eve bar celebration. It was a good time - the bars were packed. I had this bright idea of telling people they would appear on StevesTavern.com if they posed for the picture.. so of course, everyone wanted their picture taken. So there you have it - check out the pictures. (by the way, there is no stevestavern.com!)...

Last night Aaron and I did another taste test. $25 smackers for tasting marinara sauce. It took us 15 minutes. We went to Grizzly Peak brewing after and enjoyed some of their newly brewed Bitter Rye (it has some long name, but the only two words I remembered was bitter and rye). It was so good, that I filled my growler with it.

Alright. Boston Bruins are playing New Jersey Devils right now.. I think I'm going to kick back and watch this. Hope everyone had a good turkey day.