Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Today was a good day...

I didn't even have to use my AK.
I don't even know what an AK is, I'm assuming its a gun. I'm quoting Ice Cube there, in case anyone wondered.. Anyhow, why was it a good day?! Well - besides dropping some serious cash on a new furnace (not good) - I did manage to get a bunch done at work. I also went to my sisters this evening to borrow luggage, and ate a bunch of fried green tomato's. I freakin LOVE them!! Tim (bro-in-law) also hooked a brotha up with some vanilla pipe tobacco.. So, I'm sitting here with a nice glass of Superior Stout (not to be confused with Imperial Stout) - and enjoying a pipe. What a good way to end the day.

So far, the furnace is working good - the bathroom is usually the hottest room in the house, and right now.. its cold in there.. so, I think there might be some issues.. but we'll see. Funny they didn't even leave me a note or anything. Tomorrow they come back to do the A/C.

I plan on hitting work around 6am tomorrow to start getting things in order for my two days off work. I need to pack tonight, because tomorrow.. obviously, thanksgiving eve, is the biggest bar night of the year. I don't know what the plans are yet, but I would like to get some hockey time in at 330 tomorrow, then from there I need to load up the dogs and take them to Karens Canine by 5pm. Then, it should be an easy night. Our flight out on Thursday is around 7ish. I'm looking forward to seeing a new city. Bryan gave me the run down on Kansas and Missouri today, I'm Kansas City schooled.

Anyhow, I suppose I should get to work packing. Here are some links for your viewing enjoyment:

USB powered Lava Lamp for your desk. Only $9.99 too!

Bare Naked Ladies: set to release new album on a USB stick for $30.

Christmas Lights house: Take a second and watch this - imagine what this guy had to do to put this together.. picture by picture, light by light.. wow! good job.

Flash Games! Not to be played the day after Thanksgiving at work, when no one else is around. :)

Gift Box! A handy website (free) that you can keep track of gift purchases, gifts received, buying lists, and can even send thank you e-cards right from the site! Neato!

That's all folks. Happy Thanksgiving Eve!