Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Pub Crawl

I'm patiently waiting the arrival of my furnace install dudes. 4 whopping grand, actually.. close to 5, but it includes central air. Which, I don't need - but, the house value will increase, and I'll have an easier time selling when I decide to buy that 5000 sq. foot ranch sitting on a 40 acre plot of land.. :)

What would everyone think of a pub crawl? We've been talking about it, but haven't really done anything with it - or done the actual pub crawl. I'd like to make it a bigger event then just a few of us. Maybe make up some shirts, or hand out flyers.. or run advertising.. Anyhow, we have enough bars in the downtown area that we could walk to each one. I also would like to make it a cab-ride home event - because, hell.. how often do you get to ride in a cab in Monroe!
Here's the list of bars in no particular order. I know I have a map of the downtown area, I can number it up and label the bars.

- Whistle Stop

- Steve's Tavern

- You & I

- Uptown Bar

- Kelly's Pub

- McGeady's

- Beeks

- Roarks Tavern

- Club 129

Am I missing any? Might make for a fun downtown event - I just don't know if all these bars would go for purchasing advertising - if we decided to go that route. Either way, throw some ideas at me - it'll be fun. Might be better to do in the warmth too... summer. We tossed the idea around for the night before turkey day.. but, for as big as I think this event could be, I'd really like to take some time to plan it more - maybe we can just do a practice run to see if it works!

Alright then. back to waiting for the furnace guys.