Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Who needs a drive shaft anyhow..

I just sat down to a nice bowl of my new world famous Superior Stout chili, with an ice cold glass of High Seas Indian Pale Ale, when the phone rang. WORK! Damn. Turns out something was wrong, and I was needed back at the office. I ate my meal, drank my beer, and headed back in the Bronco. On the corner of Third and Monroe St., I laid heavy on the gas to make my left turn, when the most horrific sound burst from under the bronco. Next thing I hear clanging spinning noises as i try to give it some gas. Nothing. Phone call to AAA. Tow truck there in minutes. Tow truck guy calls the cops (jerk). Cop arrives and just sits there with his flashers on, making more of a scene then the tow truck. Tow truck driver gives me the keys I need, and off with the bronco he goes to Pauls Automotive (I'm a regular). I glanced under the truck as he was leaving, and it appears to be the drive-shaft.

So here I am at work, stuck here until I can find a lift home. It's too cold out to walk home, I considered that. Of course, I could try to make it to Dino's, rest there over a $1.50 beer, then hike to Mugsy's for a .99 cent margarita. Sounds like fun, but too much work - had I changed from my work dress clothes, I'd already be hiking home.

Some links I ran across:

New Orleans - First FREE wi-fi city: Problem with this, no one has computers to use it. The first of many cities to offer free wi-fi. My crystal ball tells me within 5 years, every major city in the US will offer this.

Secret Santa - this ones for you Aaron. A metal song by the band Karkis, all about how Secret Santa, if you rearrange the words, could also be called Secret Satan. I'm speechless on this one.

Am I the last to hear about stamp prices rising two cents on January 8th?!

1980 Arcade Games!! A ton of them too - I just played a round of Mrs. PacMan, and got my ass kicked by those freakin ghosts.

Alright, I suppose I should start looking for a ride home, or curl up on my office floor to sleep for the night.. Happy Thursday!! woohoo. Wings vs. Calgary - we'll be at BW3's at 6pm for a pre-game party - come join us!!