Sunday, December 04, 2005

Let it snow...

Hey.. the civic hit 200,000 miles!
Wow - what a weekend. I wrote up the below on Saturday night, then woke up about 3 a.m. on the couch - I must have been tired. I never made it past putting links in this post. Now its Sunday evening, and I'm finally getting back around to it.. so here goes:

We didn't have much to do Saturday, so we drove to Dundee and hit up the fairly new Lonestar restaurant. For some reason, I was expecting something really good. What I got, was the same thing I could have had at Applebees, Ruby Tuesdays.. etc. It's just another one of those chain fast food sit down places. The girl at the bar did let me flip around for Hockey Night in Canada, which - they had Direct TV, and they didn't even get the Canadian station. So much for ever getting Direct TV.
They forgot to charge me for one of my 3 - 21oz Labatts. They didn't forget about the $4.50 Sam Adams bottle. I had the ribs (nothing compared to KCMO's), and jen had some shrimp noodle thing. The atmosphere was nice, we sat up at the bar and chilled. I kept thinking I was at Applebees the whole time.

I've been feeling funny the past couple days.. like a cold or flu wants to take over my body, but I'm fighting it. It's been working.. but everyday around 5pm, my head starts feeling really light.

Last night we rented the Longest Yard (sandler), and Kicking and Screaming. Will Farell rules - his movie was great. The Longest Yard sucked really bad. It was as predictable as the rest of his movies. Awful acting, awful plot, awful everything.

Gas on Monroe St. earlier today was like $2.11. We just drove by it, it's at $1.91. Crazy it went down that much in a matter of hours.

Here are some links for your viewing pleasures:

Ever wonder what the view is like from the nose of an airplane? Check this out: Fly through the clouds! I found out later you can control it too.. enjoy.

Pink! Just keep clicking and reading and laughing..

Type in words, and make your own song. Crazy, but really cool. Sing it Browse around this site if you have time, I listened to an old Grateful Dead concert while I worked the other day.. for free! Very cool.

As if you'd ever really run out.. in case you do, here's a site where you can print your own Monopoly money.

If you have a few minutes, load this up and get a good laugh. It's titled SupaMonks. I never knew monks had this much ass kicking power in them!

I want this. So much that I think i'm going to get it for someone for christmas.. man I hope they aren't reading this. Marshmellow Shooter.

And last, but not least.. if you can stomach this.. a fairly large woman exercising. Hey.. at least she's being active.. right?! click here.

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