Tuesday, January 24, 2006

iPod For Sale!

Well, this week has been good so far. I fixed my ipod. It was broke, well, not super broke, but I wasn't able to load music on to it. I'm debating on selling it now that it's restored (like brand new!). Anyone interested?!

Disney buys Pixar for 7.4 Billion dollars. Can Steve Jobs get any richer?! I'm about to help his empire by buying an iPod video.. well, I'd like to.. Jen reads this, so I have to be realistic about what I want and need. :)

Dudeology - find out how much of a dude you are. If you win, your treated to a video of some chicks. Give me a hollar if you do, because I failed this miserably..

Since I posted a raunchy site last weekend, I'm going to post this. I was literally laughing my ass off one right after another reading these.. holy crap, prepare to laugh: The Best Cyber Sex(more like cyber sex gone wrong..!)

Oh man, even better. Check out this video of this kid crying and whining about his Mustang getting towed away.

If your an RSS feed junkie, like I am - check this page out: Taking RSS beyond headlines - I added an NHL RSS to my feeds.. woohoo!

Morphases: This is pretty bad ass. You can take a random face and morph it using the program they have. I could play this one for hours...

Saw this on ForgetFoo today. The Five Stages of Drunkeness.. we've all been there! :)

And finally, check out HockeyFights.com - miss a fight during a game because the waitress wasn't bringing your PBR's fast enough so you were trying to get the bartenders attention?! Well then, check here the next day.. fights are updated daily.